FBI indicts 77 Nigerians living in America for Online Fraud

The Federal government is scrambling to launder its image following the indictment of 77 Nigerians by U.S authorities.

The US Attorney’s Office in the Central District of California said in a press release that have been charged with conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy to launder money, and aggravated identity theft.

The Acting Chairman of Nigeria’s anti-corruption agency, the EFCC, says efforts are on to salvage the situation as the Commission has been working with the FBI to stem the tide of online fraud, through various schemes.

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20 thoughts on “FBI indicts 77 Nigerians living in America for Online Fraud

  1. It's a pity that the whole world is now facing the consequences of what Europeans did to Africa many years ago. A reasonable mind does not quickly judge an action without first tracing and finding the cause of the action. A good medical doctor cures a disease by first fixing the cause of the disease, or else the disease continues and spreads. What is the cause of corruption in Nigeria? To start with, fundermentally, Nigerians learned corruption (scam) from the colonial master over a century ago when they arrived West Africa to trade and ended up merging different nations into one country called Nigeria without the official consent of the people (i.e illegal, dishonesty and scam). All because of the colonial masters' selfish interest on the natural resources in the area. After a while, one of the nations – the Igbos (Biafra) discovered the scam and exit from the union (Nigeria), but the colonial master in colaboration with the other two ignorant nations in Nigeria forcefully took war to Biafra nation in order to bring them back to the faulty union. They melted genocide on them in the cause of the war. This war however, claimed millions of lives and sources of living of the Igbos thereby subjecting them to abject poverty. In the quest of survival after the war, the Igbos were left with no other choice than to scatter all over the world looking for a way to survive by all means across the globe. Meanwhile, despite their being part of the deceitful union (Nigeria) under duress, the Nigerian governmen has continued to maginalize and maltreat them. Upon that, Nigerian political leaders have not set a good pase to the people, rather they continue to be fraudulent and looting public funds without taking good care of the people nor developing the country.
    Besides, should FBI wants to help Nigeria to fight corruption, they should first start by investigating those Nigerian politicians who have fat bank accounts and own properties in the United States. They should declare their assets and how they made their money. Should US not do this, then it should be seen as an accomplice and therefore doing Nigeria more harm than good.

  2. we cant lay all d blame on dis guys, as bad as it may look nothing is working here in nigeria, d fed is holding on to state resources , their is no job hence citizen take to all sort of crimes, let state devp d resources you wii drastic drop in crime and unemployment ,fhey will hve enough to empower and devp human capital, but a situation where feudalism is been practise instead of fuscal federalism, what do u expect. d jealousy of d north against south and mbelt is chocking d nigeria grad to commit all kind crime , mist ppl will be suprise not all dis ppl committed dis crime, a lot may be just by association only until proven guilty, no one should judge pls, let nigeria go to abuja in millions and demand for restructure of d country nothing good will come out of nigeria no be lie , d small country around us leaving us behind, recently senegal and tanzania resture their constitution so they are progressing so dis almariji system of govt cant work.

  3. They should arrest everyone of them,they claim Nigeria is not good, no job, no social intervention, but you left Nigeria to where all these things are, yet,you can't do a legit work. Shame on everyone supporting them trying to pass blame.

  4. All of you are thieves you made the Nigerians what they are today and you’re all going to pay for all the evil you’re doing may the wrath of TMH befall all of you Ise’.

  5. Please don't let the EFCC or SARS handle this.. They will just begin embarrassing and humiliating every young Nigerian students thereby laundering money from both the innocent computer science or IT workers and the real fraudsters alike.. Let the FBI continue with their work pls.

  6. The Stupid EFCC must start from Nigeria politicians irrespective of their parties. They should start with Oshiomhole , Tinubu, ameachi, Fashola, uzor kalu, Rochas okorocha, Obasanjo, Atiku, Buhari and others before facing Yahoo boys

  7. i think nigeria shoul be divided into 6 to 8 regions d country is not progressing, niger republic wit 18 million pop has 7 regions , there is a fulani and hausa regions .but refuse same in nigeria bcause of d oil in d south , my southern brothers let unite to save dis country bcause of coming gen.

  8. Donald Trump Needs Urgent Attention He Needs Empeaching wether or not he was voted in or not walls have allways bred fear disease and high mortality rates. Donald Trump said to peirse morgan that he loves killing people to protect america. What with all the starvation disease and pestualance that that this inevitably causes the mortality rate goes up are we fighting a losing battle or are we coming up against something good, or is it communism or utopia i would like to know because communism creates wealth and utopia although its an exciting journey just stares the world up into a frenzy.

  9. Nigerians are fools and useless and hopeless. What is fraudster. Mind you that all Nigerians are fraudster. Fraudster means anything criminals is fraudster abacha. Obasanjo. Osumole. Sanusi. Abiola. Brutai. Osobanjo. Author eze. Okorocha. Saraki. Atiku. Tinubu. Ekwerumadu all this looters are the original fraudster instead of lazy yorubas to thank igbos intelligent who are helping them to bring those money back in the zoo which they so called politicans looted. They there ranting igbos is that igbos is this. Nonsense

  10. Why us the woman saying innocent till proven guilty when the Muslim guy in white next to her just stated there was admission of guilt by the culprits? Why is there denial

  11. Tell that to ur boss first buhari that they are innocent before proven guilty. Cos he claim recently when DSS arrests sowore that he is guilty until proven innocent.

  12. It is big embarrassing for arresting over 70 nigerian in foreign land for fraud definitely our society has problems and no govt high level response. To address the country because ill manners on the society, be watchful for few months it will have damaged consequence on our country.

  13. Haha what are the efcc gonna do? They can't even jail the senators or governors or even police and presidents.

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