80 in U.S. and Nigeria charged with cyberfraud, money laundering | ABC7

FBI officials and L.A. County authorities discuss charges against 80 people in the U.S. and Nigeria suspected of cyberfraud and money laundering. https://abc7.la/2L1kJ4b

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20 thoughts on “80 in U.S. and Nigeria charged with cyberfraud, money laundering | ABC7

  1. Jail them and throw the key in the ocean. Please don't deport them back to Nigeria because we don't want them.

  2. Houston Texas is their Headquarter and yll alowing their women to come giv birth here and born Nigerian babies

  3. I'm a Nigerian more than 15 years in Europe with 0 crime many Nigerians are into crime in abroad because there is no prison in Europe and US etc what they have is a comfortable hotel for criminals some times is better to be there than outside, lock those idiot in a dark room for one year one meal a day and forget human right for such people.

  4. Your American embassy takes Visa FEE from Africans and deny them visas , that is Fraud TOO ! Don't tell me about processing fee. That's bullshit.

  5. Please say igbo (Biafra) we have 3 major tribes in Nigeria and igbos are the one’s always spoiling our image abroad 😡

  6. Its better to say the Nigerian igbos and not the whole Nigeria there are 3 main tribes in Nigeria…..pls say igbos bihafra Nigeria

  7. Stop giving them visa and kick those scammer back to their country. The stupid president in Nigeria should provide job for the youth maybe that will help!

  8. When we tell you that Nigeria must fall and Somalia will be better than Nigeria you people think is a joke, you haven't seen anything yet.

  9. Nigerians and Ghanaians love to steal money rather than work for it. That's what they teach there youth so there able to have capital for business.

  10. So what about ABC'S criminal money laundering? funding and profiting from war propaganda and scaming the American citizens with your lies from the very beginning? I'm not fooled at all ABC l can see through your bull crap like a glass door.

  11. Truth being told ibo name are many here sha. You use your real photo open acct with your real name and also on social media why would you be caught?.

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