80 Indicted In ‘Sophisticated’ Nigerian Online Fraud, Money Laundering Scheme

A wide-ranging fraud and money laundering scheme borne out of the well-known Nigerian prince email scams has taken a big hit after a nearly 3-year FBI investigation.

Online fraud schemes have evolved and gone beyond the Nigerian prince asking for money via email. Tina Patel reports.

40 thoughts on “80 Indicted In ‘Sophisticated’ Nigerian Online Fraud, Money Laundering Scheme

  1. Shout up my friend you guys are the number one scammer. Have you forgotten traffic monsoon which am a victim of what have you done about it? have you refunded people there money like you said NO! so what are you talking about Charles Scoville an American fold people openly over the net, PayPal was aware and that's why so many people gave in and got scammed. So add this to your statement please

  2. "sophisticated money scam they have ever seen using the internet" They can only be done by Nigerians I hope one day this nation will use their brilliance to take Africa out of this poverty.

  3. Nigerians everywhere, what kind of people are these? The sad thing is that there are some very decent God fearing Nigerians leaving in Nigeria who are embarrassed by these Nigerians. Repent Jesus is coming back soon. When will this end?

  4. i want the FBI to investigate all past and present presidents from Nigeria and persecute them the way they're going to persecute these young men

  5. All Nigeria that leaving in
    abroad represent Nigeria
    We need to stop doing some foolish thing that will spoil our country name

  6. This thing will never stop ,Even children of 15 to 18 years are joining the trend ,white people will continue to pay because of Greed, GREEEEEEED!!!!!
    I thought the white are smarter ,dumb stupid white supremacists .

  7. Most of these PPL volunteeringly get bamboozled due to their greed of self gains.. They literally give out their personal info to these PPL.. If you drop your wallet, these PPL will pick it up..

  8. I am not proud of there action and the things dey have done, but the story started with the westerners and America played a big role to support corruption in Nigeria which is now reflecting on back to them. American's currently as I speak rob and kill many lives in Nigeria at Niger delta by Chevron and there is no new running about that worldwide today. I have never seen a wanted criminal case suspended for 24hrs before, not until recently when Nigeria former president Atiku was freed to walk the road of America as a free man when his partner in crime is in jail serving time. Do not talk bad of Nigeria because it all started with you.

  9. Most LIBERIAN Lazy Men that want too own faster 💰are BM -BLACK MONEY/ Most NIGERIAN Lazy Men that wants too own Faster 💰are Scammer. If you wants to own your faster 💰 immediately open a business .

  10. Y’all lie so much about everything, so based on your (cbs) and your track record , I’ll just go ahead and say fake news .

  11. I'm from Netherlands I love These scam actors, Haha UK and USA, hope you guys remembered Slave trading, in 18 century this is revenge.

  12. Maybe people could watch scam baiters own criminal scumbags scammers right here, on youtube, pretty much every day. Some in a very kind and forgiving way, some others… not so much 😀 Still, there is a large degree of education right here. Jim Browning, Atomic Shrimp, Scammer Revolts, Hoax Hotel, UncleUDink, Kitboga, so many more so take your pick and learn… and they have friends, check their Links sections on their channels.

  13. Nigerians are the best hackers / engineers on the planet they will be hired by super powers they won’t be in jail long 🤷🏾‍♂️

  14. I recognize them, they are Barrak Obama's cronies..! They have to follow the money trail to the country the money went through and to. There will be resistance by the foreign government and immunity at the local level for the criminals. These fraudsters may have been funding a terrorist organization. You need to look at any earlier deals they made; from middle 2000's, before Obama became president. You may need to investigate who had legally assisted the swindlers, the previous times they have been under arrest by law enforcement. These guy should have been put away a long time ago. Make them blab and come clean, with everything they had done, there are some of them that could give intelligence and possible documentation to other crimes committed in Southern California, by a former president who is a resident? A real law enforcement official would be collecting this information, for when it eventually becomes an issue again.

  15. The people giving them their money should continue and cry wolf afterwards. you give a total stranger 100,000 dollars. am sick of hearing this.
    What about the Indians who are scamming all the way from india??? munbai

  16. But, they’re Nigerian…that means they’re all doctors, and lawyers, and engineers…
    The Federal Bureau of Israelis for sure can’t let any other people steal that much money.

  17. We got every right to invade their country and build a prison for them. That would show them scum bags. Force some labor on them and make them repay their victims.

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