Scammers The Rise Of Cyber Crime In Britain Documentary 2015

Britain is under siege from scammers who are using technology to rob us blind. They might not use a crowbar or wear a balaclava to break into our homes or steal our lives, but scamming is the “new” burglary and it is out of control.
Increasingly crime in the UK involves some form of cyber criminal and the Government is secretly putting millions of pounds into new specialist cyber cop units to identify, and catch, these 21st century crooks. Scamming now costs the UK economy at least £27 billion a year – and that’s just the reported crimes.
This film investigates the problem and reveals some of the heart-rending stories of victims who’ve fallen foul of the scammers. Including a woman who fell for a romance scam which cost her £180,000 and a teenager who committed suicide after being scammed by a crook pretending to be the police.
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High Tech Hackers Documentary -2017 Modern Day Hacking Today 2017. What can modern Day Hackers do in today’s society 2017.

Cyber Crime, Identity Theft, Social Media Stalking, The Government Spying on us, Today’s Hackers and hacking in 2017 gets scarier and scarier to the normal citizen.

Muller introduces viewers to “white hat” hackers, the U.S. Secret Service’s cybercrime division including West Point soldiers, all of whom are working to protect us from the risks associated with persistent connectivity, as the Web transitions from a medium to a utility, on par with electricity.

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